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Orientation Sessions on How to Use the New Telephones

Posted 07/21/2014
Submitted by Dave Kelley
Category: Campus Announcements

Brief orientation sessions on how to use the new telephones installed on the main campus and at the Handel Performing Arts Center will be held during the week of August 4 in the Computer Learning Center. (Additional sessions will be offered in September for those who cannot attend during August, and a separate session will be held for the phones installed on the Asylum Avenue Campus.)

The sessions will be led by Lisa Lennon of Total Communications, Inc., and will be about one hour in length.

Sessions will be held on August 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, and will start at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. in CC114. To reserve a spot, please email your choice of day and time to the Telephone Replacement Project account at

Please indicate a second choice in case your first choice of session is already filled.

You will receive a confirmation within one business day via email.

Project update (applies to the Main Campus and Handel Performing Arts Center):

  • Over 99% of the new telephones have been installed and tested.
  • Your phone’s display should be lit and should display at least one extension number, most likely your own (if it does not, write to Note that if it is after normal business hours, the display will turn off to conserve power – just lift the handset to light it.
  • If you lift the handset, you should hear a dial tone (if you do not, the handset may be plugged into the wrong jack on the back of the phone – write to for assistance).
  • You should be able to record your voicemail name and greeting. Press the voicemail button (looks like a cassette tape symbol on most phones) or dial x5522 and follow the prompts. Your initial PIN is 1234#. Note: Your phone may not yet indicate when you have a message waiting.
  • If you do not record your name, the system will attempt to pronounce your name when someone calls you and you do not answer. The pronunciation can be surprisingly good, or hilarious. It’s probably safest to record the correct pronunciation of your name by following the prompts.
  • The planned “go live” date for the system (when the phones will be able to make and receive off-campus calls) is August 13, and depends on successful testing with AT&T.


  • To make a call, you can dial the number, and then lift the handset.
  • The volume control adjusts three different things:

    1. Ringer volume: Use the control while the phone is hung up.
    2. Handset volume: Use the control after lifting the handset.
    3. Speakerphone volume: Use the control after pressing the speaker button.
  • The phone’s display will turn off in the evenings to conserve power. Just lift the handset or press a button and it will light up.