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New Phone System is Off and Running

Posted 08/25/2014
Submitted by Dave Kelley
Category: Campus Announcements

New phones now fully functional
The University’s outside phone lines have been moved from the old telephones to the new telephones, making the new phones fully functional. The old phone system will be shut down completely on Friday, Sept. 5, or when the system fails, whichever comes first.

No more dialing code for off-campus calls!
To get an outside line, just dial “9.” (On CISCO phones, the dial tone will change to a higher pitch, indicating that you have an outside line.)

Dialing 911 accidentally
If you realize that you have inadvertently dialed 911, do not hang up – stay on the line, even if you don’t think the call has completed (it will, even if you hang up right away). Explain to the 911 operator that you have misdialed and that there is no emergency.

Disconnection and collection of old phones
You may disconnect your old phone at your leisure. In early September, we will place collection boxes on each floor of each building where you may deposit your old phone for proper disposal. If you would like to be rid of it sooner, you may bring it to Information Technology Services in room CC125.

Troubleshooting the phone
The new desktop phones are small purpose-built computers. On occasion, your phone may not appear to be working properly – the display may not look right, or it may read “not registered.” The phones are a new model, and the software running on them is not yet perfect. If your phone isn’t working properly, a “reboot” may be in order. Flip the phone over, and looking at it from the back, disconnect the left-most network cable for a couple of seconds and then snap it back in. The phone should boot up (and in some cases, update its internal software) and work normally within a minute or two. If you like, you may write, or call us from another phone for assistance doing this. Then please call or write us to let us know that it happened. CISCO is releasing frequent software updates for the phones in an effort to drive out any gremlins.

Coming soon

  • We’re working on a new “Unicom” website where we will post Quick Reference Guides, phone ordering instructions and costs, etc. (For now, you can find some of this information on the “new phone” website at: “Unicom” is short for “Unified Communication” which you’ll soon see better describes the new system as it will eventually combine features of the desktop telephone, email, chat, and cellphone together into one unified system.
  • Our email account also has a new name: (We will continue to also monitor the “telecom” and “trp” accounts.) Write us with your questions, or call us at x4736 (same number as always).
  • We soon plan to offer voicemail-to-email integration. You may optionally receive, listen to, and manage your voicemail messages in your email.
  • More telephone orientation sessions will be offered.  Approximately 240 faculty and staff attended telephone orientation sessions in August. We plan to offer more sessions in mid-September for those who were unable to attend during the summer. In the meantime, you can download a Quick Reference Guide, and a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used in the orientation sessions from