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Ealy Publishes Peer-Reviewed Article

Posted 02/21/2017
Category: Accolades

Nicholas Ealy, associate professor of English and Modern Languages, A&S, has published the peer-reviewed article “‘You’ve Already Returned?’: Trauma, Narcissism and Melancholy in François Ozon’s Under the Sand (2000)” in the journal Studies in French Cinema.

This study examines how the disappearance of the husband of the film’s main character results in her fascination with his image (a ghostly returning figure), thereby fixating her in a place between loss and acceptance. Using the figure of the image, residing in a liminal zone between existence and non-existence, the article illustrates the ways in which it upsets traditional binary notions of time (past/present), reality (truth, fiction) and memory (remembrance/forgetfulness). To help in this endeavor, the article employs three distinct albeit interconnected theoretical discourses: (1) trauma as temporal liminality where past and present come together; (2) narcissism as the liminality of an image’s realistic and fictitious natures; and (3) melancholy as that liminal space between a memory’s retention and loss.

Studies in French Cinema, published by Routledge, is the only journal devoted exclusively to French and francophone cinema, providing scholars, teachers and students with a consistent quality of academic investigation across the full breadth of the subject. All articles undergo rigorous triple-blind peer review.