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The College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions Awards Over $50,000 in 2017 Seed and Sprout Grants

Posted 02/21/2017
Submitted by Kelly Anderson
Category: Campus Announcements

The College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions’ Institute for Translational Research (ITR) sponsors the College’s annual Seed and Sprout Grants. These are competitive research grants designed to support faculty development of new research and furthering directed initiatives in health and education. 

The ITR and the Advisory Council on Research are pleased to announce that the following applications for the 2017 Seed and Sprout grant have been awarded: 

Seed Grant ($3,000)

  • Institutional Perspectives on Teaching” - Karla Loya (Education)

 Sprout Grant ($4,500) – Directed Health Opportunity

  • Segmental trunk support for hippotherapy”– Adam Goodworth (Rehabilitation Sciences)

Sprout Grants ($6,000) – General Opportunities

  • “Promoting Independence: Employment Support for Transition Aged Individuals with Disability” – Sarah Hart and Sheetal Sood (Education)
  • Role of Immigration Status on Undocumented and DACAmented Adolescents’ Social-Emotional Development, Educational Experiences and Aspirations, and Family Processes” – Kenny Nienhusser (Education)

Sprout Grants ($7,000) – Directed Health Opportunities

  • Using a Novel Collaborative Media Technology for Online Collaborative Learning in Rehabilitation” - Danielle Bellows, Larissa Schroeder, and Sandra Saavedra (Rehabilitation Sciences/Mathematics)
  • limbWISE v2: Empowering Prosthesis Users to Self-Manage” - Daniel Lee (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Development of Sensory Function and Postural Control in Infants with Sensorineural Hearing Loss” - Donna Snowdon and Sandra Saavedra(Rehabilitation Sciences) 

Sprout Grants ($7,000) – Directed Education Opportunities

  • Peace education for young children” - Margaret Clark (Education)
  • Early Childhood Workforce Shared Core” - Lynn Johnson, Margaret Clark, Deborah Adams, and Paige Bray(Education)