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Progressive Faculty Caucus to Meet Thursday, March 16

Posted 03/01/2017
Submitted by Warren Goldstein
Category: Campus Announcements

The following University of Hartford faculty invite you to the inaugural meeting of the Progressive Faculty Caucus of the University of Hartford on Thursday, March 16, at Happy Hour, 12:15-1:45, in Hillyer 258.

Warren Goldstein (A&S History)

Michael Clancy and Katharine Owens (A&S Politics, Economics, and International Studies)

Woody Doane, Melinda Miceli, and Bilal Sekou (Hillyer Social Science)

Doug Eichar (A&S Sociology and Criminal Justice)

If you’ve been wondering how, as a professional scholar and teacher, to be effective in this new political climate, please consider joining your colleagues to talk about how we might best use our skills on campus. Or, if you’ve been pondering, as many of us have, what you will answer when your children and grandchildren ask in 10 or 15 years, “What did YOU do when Donald Trump was president,” think about having that conversation with colleagues who share your worries—colleagues who also wake up every morning flabbergasted by the surreal, punitive, and dangerous horror show projected from the White House.

We don’t claim to have the answers. Like you, we’ve got lots of questions. But we also have faith in democratic conversation, and a shared commitment to helping our students make sense of what is going on around them, and equipping them to see clearly through the haze and chaos of alternative facts, public dissembling, overt and covert discrimination, and political manipulation and corruption that are coming to dominate our national political life.

Look, we know you don’t need another meeting. No one does. And maybe this one will be a bust. You might be pleased with the way things are going, or convinced we can’t make a difference at this point. If the former, this meeting isn’t for you. If the latter, at least consider a conversation with colleagues from around the University who share your concerns, worries, obsessive online news reading, fears for the Constitution, intermittent outrage, and occasional demoralization. Action, however small, nearly always feels better than sitting in front of a screen feeling despair.

Bring your lunch, your ideas, but most of all yourselves. We reserved a big classroom. See you then!