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Record Employer and Student Participation Levels at March 9 Resume Boot Camp

Posted 03/17/2017
Submitted by kate darcy hohenthal
Category: Campus Announcements, Student Announcements

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, Career Services hosted our largest Resume Boot Camp.

The Resume Boot Camp is a forum where students and alums meet with employers to receive critiques of their resumes. The unique format of the Resume Boot Camp provides students the opportunity to receive resume feedback (on what is and what IS NOT on the resume), network with employers, and inquire about internship and career opportunities.

 The 22 employers, participating in the 3/9/17 Resume Boot Camp, met with students for 200+ visits (students met with one to four employers).

These are record numbers for employers and students participating in a Resume Boot Camp. Special thanks to the University Community for helping us to offer these career opportunities to University of Hartford students and alums- it truly does take a village to accomplish anything of significance - Thank You!

Over the last two school years, employer participation in Resume Boot Camps has increased by 450% and student participation has tripled. We have outgrown our current space and are reviewing options for the next school year.

Results of student surveys conducted during Resume Boot Camp: 93% of students were very satisfied or satisfied with their experience during Resume Boot Camp; 100% of students surveyed would recommend Resume Boot Camp to others.

 Sample of Employer Partner comments:

 "I met with this prepared politics and government student. I want her to hurry up and graduate so I can vote for her when she runs for office."

 "This one business student made my day. She is going to do great things. I provided her with advice that I believe will help her."

 "We were so busy seeing students; it was great to meet so many engineering students."

 "Thanks for today. It was great to be a part of Resume Boot Camp." (From the Resume Boot Camp, this employer partner has already scheduled internship interviews with four students: two from Hartford Art School, two from A&S)

 "The students we met with were prepared for the conversation.  They either had hard copy resumes or a laptop with the resume open.  They had good questions."

 "We were busy the entire time but it was perfect.  We met with the right number of students and feel we spent good quality time with each."

 Sample of Student comments:

 "Adriane from the Office of the Arts gave me helpful advice on how to minimize information on my resume so that I'm presenting the most relevant things about myself." Art major, psych minor first-year student

 "I also met with JCJ Architecture. Their Senior Human Resources / Payroll Generalist reviewed my resume and gave me really very good tips to modify it. There were details she pointed out in the resume that will make a big difference. She spent enough time to go over each and every line in my resume. Since she is the first one who reviews resume in JCJ, her practical guidance was very helpful.  She also offered to give me feedback on my revised resume. Once I revise my resume as per her suggestions I send it to her for her feedback." Architecture graduate student

 "Nicolette was so great. Even though she wasn't hiring for positions that I was looking for she offered to sit with me and critique my resume and spent quite a lot of time on it with me. She also gave me some helpful general advice based on what I was trying to accomplish. I took a lot of notes with  me for some resume updates that I think will make a big difference. She also gave me her card in case something opens up in the area I'm interested in." MBA graduate student

 "Christian was also great. He put a lot of thought into his comments and also gave me some great feedback...He pointed me to another leadership program that he thought would be a better fit and also provided his email address." MBA graduate Student

 "At the resume boot camp, I talked with Medtronic...They helped with the organization of my resume and offered tips on how to elaborate on the description of my activities and objective. In addition, they also gave me information on internships as well as how to handle myself in an interview." Biomedical engineering major first-year student

 "Both of the women I spoke to also gave me some amazing advice and we spoke for quite awhile. I have lots of notes from them in order to improve my resume - one of which was including an objective. They suggested this could help explain my transition a bit to of them gave me her card and is going to try to connect me with a friend of hers at MassMutual so I hope that I will be in touch with her friend soon." MBA graduate student

 "I met with Crosskey Architects...Meeting them at the Resume Boot Camp was a very good opportunity, as good as like getting an interview appointment...Due to this interaction I came to know about the progress of my application." Architecture graduate student

 "Kelly Services was quite helpful...She spent a solid amount of time (10mins)...she gave good advice, have her business card so i will be following up with her." senior student

 "Both of the employers I met with gave helpful feedback."  Computer Science major, first-year student

 "Although I didn't originally see this employer as someone who would benefit me personally, he gave me suggestions not only based on what he was looking for when hiring someone for Public Safety, but what employers look for in general. He gave me tips on how to take all of the experience I had and how to tailor the information I put on my resume to reflect the type of job I was looking for...he was very easy to talk to and I really enjoyed and took a lot away from our conversation." Arts & Sciences first-year student

 "The Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers employer was very helpful." Biology major, senior student