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Campus Access Information Through This Weekend

Posted 08/17/2017
Submitted by Jonathan Easterbrook
Category: Reminders

Dear University Community,

Students will move into campus residence halls from Friday, Aug. 25, through Sunday, Aug. 27.

Please be aware of the following changes in on-campus traffic patterns and parking on these dates and plan your commute accordingly.

Orientation Session 5 will begin on Friday, Aug. 25. We expect approximately 400 families to arrive between 8 a.m. and noon. Families will proceed through the main entrance (at the stoplight on Bloomfield Avenue) and along the road to B lot. 

The Bloomfield Avenue north entrance to campus (the entrance without the light) will be closed Friday, Aug. 25–Sunday, Aug. 27.

Connecticut Transit buses, including CT fastrak, that usually stop on campus will instead drop off and pick up passengers on Bloomfield Avenue during these three days.

To ease morning traffic and parking concerns, we ask that you:

  • Use the Mark Twain Drive entrance to arrive or depart on Friday morning, Aug. 25. The Mark Twain Drive entrance is accessible from Albany Avenue and comes out next to the Facilities/Public Safety building (#23 on the campus map).

  • Turn left off of Mark Twain Drive to proceed to campus parking, even if you are going to the Sports Center or Commons. An attendant at the Mark Twain Drive stop sign will ask if you are faculty, staff, a student not moving in, vendor, or visitor before allowing the turn. Anyone who is moving in (new or returning student) will be told to turn around and proceed to the main Bloomfield Avenue entrance.

  • Park in lots other than B lot on Friday, Aug. 25. Please park in any legal parking space that you find. If you park in C or D lots, please speak to the attendant at the entrance of those lots about available spaces to park in as move-in vehicles will also be staged in these areas.

  • Park in lots other than B, C, and D on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 26 and 27. Lots B, C, and D willbe staging areas for arriving students and their parents on Saturday and Sunday. Because those lots will be crowded, please park in any legal parking space that you find.

On both Friday and Saturday, on-campus traffic will be one way beginning at the access road leading to the rear of B Complex up to N lot. Those who work or have appointments on the residential side of campus will be allowed to proceed to park on that side of campus (except behind B Complex)—but will have to exit campus via Mark Twain Drive.

We expect that University of Hartford Magnet School staff will also be accessing campus from the main entrance on Friday, in addition to normal morning traffic and those attending Orientation. Your assistance in following these guidelines will help ease campus traffic congestion and reduce frustration. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated. 

First Sergeant Michael J. Lovley, Sr. 
Department of Public Safety