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New Changes to the CETA Student Ambassadors and Leadership Society

Posted 09/12/2017
Submitted by Julie Spring
Category: Campus Announcements, Student Announcements

The College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) is excited to announce some recent changes to the CETA Student Ambassadors program. The CETA Student Ambassadors program began in September 2013 as a WELFund Grant funded program, now known as The Women’s Advancement Initiative. As of fall 2015, the program became a CETA funded organization and has continued to grow and evolve each year. Most prominently, the organization has an updated name: CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership Society and revised mission:  

Program mission:

  • Promote leadership and communication skills of current undergraduates in CETA
  • Provide self-development opportunities for current undergraduates in CETA
  • Attract quality prospective students to all programs in CETA
  • Mentor entering, first – year students as they begin in CETA and for the first year
  • Build a more welcoming community for all CETA students
  • Provide exceptional community outreach for all CETA programs
  • Demonstrate equal representation of male and female society members to best portray CETA

CETA hosts various honor societies, however this leadership society is unique for many reasons. The CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership Society represents the entire college, not just one discipline / major, and requires a selection process to become a member. In addition, our Leadership Society members will now serve as CETA’s mentors as well, for all incoming First-Year students. Also, as a prominent part of the Society’s mission, members will continue to reach out to both prospective and current students, promoting CETA and the University, furthering the goal of creating a welcoming and inclusive community.  

Beginning this fall 2017, all incoming, First-Year students received a welcome message and introduction from their mentor prior to arriving on campus and officially met all mentors at their first Freshmen Dialogue class. In previous years, the mentor contact prior to arrival was not the case; we, in CETA, hope that cultivating this relationship sooner will ensure a smoother transition to University life. Throughout the first semester, Leadership Society members will meet with their mentees a minimum of three times, in addition to their initial meeting.

Within the CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership Society is a three member Lead Team that have been selected from the returning members to lead the Society through the academic year. The returning members must also apply for this honor and are selected by the previous year’s Lead Team and advising faculty and staff.

The CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership society is a fantastic opportunity for CETA students. Members will attend various on-campus/off-campus events, monthly training sessions/meetings, one-on-one visits with prospective students and their families, and have numerous opportunities to work on personal and professional development. We are proud to announce the new and improved CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership Society!

If you would like to learn more about CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership Society, please contact one of the advisors:

Julie Spring –

Dr. Ying Yu –

Dr. Hisham Alnajjar –