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The Social Implications of Robotics

Posted 09/12/2017
Submitted by Brian Skelly
Category: Campus Announcements

Join us at this week’s Philosophy Club meeting, Thursday, September 14th from 12:15 to 1:45 in 421 Auerbach Hall, as longtime Club member and one-time presenter Stefan Keilich leads a discussion on coping with ever-advancing robotic technology. 

Given the ever changing technological world we live in, it is easy to become outdated or replaceable by machine. In this discussion, we will dive into what it means to be replaceable by machine and what it ultimately means for future generations. Industry is getting to a point where automation isn’t just possible but less expensive then human workers. How will the world handle the ability of not needing to work? Conversely is it fair to the employee, to not offer the same type of job security and reasonable working conditions as a few decades ago. Is it fair what reachable jobs remain the candidates are over qualified and become under employed. 

Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal and Solar City looks to the planet Mars to derive meaning out of life. He has been quoted saying :

“Either we are a multi-planet species flying around the stars or we are single planet species waiting around for some eventual extinction event. Personally I find it more motivating, setting up a base on Mars; that would be the greatest adventure ever. “ 

Join in on the discussion and share what gives your life meaning or how you think we can live together better in the future. 

Stefan Keilich of Windsor, Connecticut is presently a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering here at the University who loves Philosophy and has been a loyal Club member since arriving on campus in the fall of 2014.