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Lost Soul: Can We Put Psyche Back Into Psychology?

Posted 10/24/2017
Submitted by Brian Skelly
Category: Campus Announcements, Student Announcements

Come join us at this week’s Philosophy Club meeting Thursday, October 26, from 12:15 to 1:45 p.m. in 421 Auerbach Hall at the University of Hartford as Assistant Professor of Psychology Paula Alderette presents Lost Soul-Psychology and the Search for the Human Soul: Taking Psyche out of Psychology.

Modern psychology defines the self as the interplay between cognitive processes, emotional processes and behaviors, moving through the id, ego, and superego distinction of psychoanalytic theorists to the biochemical foundation of current day psychology and psychiatry.

Lost in this redirection is the search for meaning and the understanding of the human soul. With loss of interest in the nature of soul came the loss of the imperative to “know thyself”.

 Can we put Psyche back into Psychology?  Let’s talk about it!

As both psychotherapist and college instructor with a specialization in counseling, mental health law, and psychotherapeutic treatment of trauma, longtime University of Hartford Philosophy Club member Paula Alderette M.S. E.J.D., assistant professor of psychology in Hillyer College, has dedicated her professional life to the well being of others. Her professional journey began with directing a “Home-based Family Therapy” program (the second in the country) and included being the director of a Comprehensive Family Treatment Program for Child Sexual Abuse. She has served as a consultant with the Maine Department of Mental Health, and more recently moved on to teaching both undergraduate and graduate students of psychology and counseling.

Nicknamed  “the watcher” as a child by her siblings, Alderette counts her father as a major influence, who was a soldier in his youth, a prisoner of war and death march survivor turned lifelong pacifist.

The University of Hartford Philosophy Club has an informal, jovial atmosphere. It is a place where students, professors, and people from the community at large meet as peers. Sometimes presentations are given, followed by discussion. Other times, topics are hashed out by the whole group.

Presenters may be students, professors, or people from the community. Anyone can offer to present a topic. The mode of presentation may be as formal or informal as the presenter chooses.

Food and drink are served. Come and go as you wish. Bring friends. Suggest topics and activities. Take over the club! It belongs to you!