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Philosophy Club Tomorrow—A Critical Look at the Sense of Invulnerability Modern Technology Gives Us

Posted 04/17/2018
Submitted by Brian Skelly
Category: Campus Announcements, Student Announcements

Come join us at this week’s Philosophy Club meeting Thursday, April 19th from 12:15 to 1:45 in 421 Auerbach Hall as Mark Harvey presents on burning oil, mass extinction events, and the traces left by industrial civilization in Earth’s sedimentary record.  The talk reflects on the rationale behind his research at Indiana University, which resulted in a publication in the renowned scientific journal Geology and widespread media attention back in 2008.  His presentation ponders the perceived mortality/immortality of technologically advanced civilization and how this might influence attitudes toward sustainability and the environment.  

Mark holds a PhD in geochemistry from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  He now consults in geothermal energy exploration and lives in Hartford with his wife Sarah, a faculty member at the University of Hartford.

The University of Hartford Philosophy Club has an informal, jovial atmosphere. It is a place where students, professors, and people from the community at large meet as peers. Sometimes presentations are given, followed by discussion. Other times, topics are hashed out by the whole group.

Presenters may be students, professors, or people from the community. Anyone can offer to present a topic. The mode of presentation may be as formal or informal as the presenter chooses.

Food and drink are served. Come and go as you wish. Bring friends. Suggest topics and activities. Take over the club! It belongs to you!


Harvey et al. 2008
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