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Assistant Professor Timothy Adekunle Publishes Journal Article Titled Learning from Gothic Cathedrals

Posted 07/16/2018
Category: Accolades

Assistant Professor Timothy Adekunle in the Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) publishes a peer-reviewed journal article titled: Learning from Gothic Cathedrals in volume 51, issue 2 of the Journal of Faith and Form (ISSN print - 00147001). The Journal of Faith and Form is the Interfaith Journal on Religion, Art, and Architecture. The peer-reviewed journal article discusses the process and lessons learned from exploring Gothic Cathedrals as case study buildings to teach architecture students in structures. The journal article provides an overview of Gothic Cathedrals and presents analyses of plans, elevations, and sections of the case study buildings. The article also considers the gravity load path, lateral load path and collapse mechanisms of the selected Gothic Cathedrals. Finally, the peer-reviewed article discusses the construction sequence diagrams, approach to structural calculations of Gothic Cathedrals and the conclusions which emphasize the importance of Gothic Cathedrals, lessons learned, and the pedagogical approach that has helped architecture students learn structures more effectively than when the traditional approach (structural calculations only) is utilized.