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Grammy Winner Back on Campus Today for a Pop-Up Performance

Posted 10/01/2018
Submitted by Katie Dydyn
Category: Campus Announcements, Student Announcements

Latin Grammy winning violinist Sita Chay will be performing with percussionist Jihye Kim and dancer Insoo Park at a pop-up performance TODAY!


When: October 2

When: 2:30-3:00 pm

Where: Regents Commons, Shaw Center


SaaWee is a contemporary shaman ritual created for the spirituality of current society. SaaWee accentuates the electricity between the old and new: Korean shaman rhythm, Korean mask dance movements and contemporary languages created through violin. This unique collaboration between Sita Chay (Latin Grammy winning violinist based in New York), Jihye Kim (provocative percussionist of Urban Sound based in London), and Insoo Park (scholar and master of Bong-san, the Korean Mask Dance) re-imagines ancient stories in order to touch upon current societal illness and seeks for cure through energy links between participants.

New Ritual

1. Festival of Five Gods

We ask for the cleansing of our surroundings and the blessing on all participants. When all is purified, the temple is ready for the festivity.

2. New Breath for Mother Nature

We sing the song we are given, breathing into the Mother Nature in hopes to resuscitate.

3. Moondoong

The narrative unveils the illness of society that eats our flesh.