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Humanities Center Seeks Faculty Fellows for 2019-2020

Posted 01/30/2019
Submitted by Nicholas Ealy
Category: Campus Announcements

The Humanities Center of the University of Hartford requests applications from faculty interested in becoming one of the distinguished Faculty Fellows of the Humanities Center for the 2019-2020 academic year, by offering a lecture focused on their own project related to the seminar topic of “(Trans)versing Gender, Race and Class in an Intersectional World” during the Spring 2020 Humanities Lecture Series.

Kristin Comeforo, Associate Professor of Communication, will lead the Humanities Center Seminar for this next year. She requests applications for faculty fellows from all disciplines and colleges in the University. Here is her vision of the seminar:

In 1989 Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term “intersectional” to explain what happens to people who are subject to multiple or overlapping marginalities related to gender, race, class, and sexuality. Indeed, catch phrases from the women’s and civil rights movements shine light on the differential experiences of gender and race, and how one places demands on the other. Sojourner Truth, a black woman/former slave, asks the women’s movement to recognize her status as woman. Martin Luther King Jr., a black man, declares his own manhood, and the manhood of all other black men. Both Truth and King highlight how racial differences within gender politics and gender differences within racial politics place unique pressures on marginalized identities in terms of how we express ourselves and experience our place in the world.

Gender has been theorized, generally, from two distinct angles – one relying on the body and the other relying on performativity or our thinking, feeling, and expression of our gender. With this seminar, I am interested in both, spending time with the embodiment of gender, along with what I consider the ethereal of gender (the intangibles, the sublime, the almost other-worldliness of all possible lived realities and expressions).

We would be looking for proposals from faculty in art, art history, architecture, music, dance, communication, cinema, theatre, psychology, business, history, sociology and criminal justice, philosophy, literature, politics, education and the sciences.

Possible topics might be (but are certainly not limited to):

Black feminism and constructions of black femininity; the Civil Rights Movement and constructions of black masculinity; social movements and gender justice; arts and literary movements emphasizing race and/or gender; activism and community organizing; masculinities and femininities through a lens of sexuality; working class masculinity/ femininity; transgender theory; constructing gender through biological technology, mechanical engineering, architecture and/or art; constructing gender through media representations, advertisements and everyday performance; masculinities and femininities in sports media and discourse; gender and race in the workplace and in higher education

The advantages and responsibilities of being a Faculty Fellow include the following:

- Faculty Fellows will be working on a scholarly or pedagogical project in a context that will offer encouragement and a testing site for the development of their ideas.

- Each Faculty Fellow will give a talk as part of the Spring 2020 series of lectures associated with the theme. The lecture will give each Fellow an opportunity to present the results of his or her research on the project.

- Fellows receive a stipend of $1,500 to enable them to read, write, do research, and prepare their spring lecture.

- Faculty Fellows may be asked to speak to the students taking the honors course in the fall term and are expected to attend the Tuesday evening talks by other fellows during the spring lecture series.

All faculty interested in becoming a Faculty Fellow of the Humanities Center for the 2019-2020 academic year, please email a one-page proposal that describes the focus of your interest as it is related to the course topic, “Gender, Race and Class in an Intersectional World,” and the material to be addressed in your spring talk, along with a CV, to Nicholas Ealy ( and Kristin Comeforo ( no later than March 29, 2019.

The Humanities Center at the University of Hartford supports interdisciplinary scholarship focusing on the humanities through arts, sciences, technology, media, music, psychology, history, film, philosophy and literature. For more information, contact Nicholas Ealy, director, at or follow us on Facebook at “University of Hartford Humanities Center.”


Call for HC Faculty Fellows 2019-20
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