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Parking Advisory

With forecast heavy rains for Saturday and the potential for both river and flash flooding, students are asked to avoid parking in low-lying areas of parking lots C, D, E (along the tree line), F (eastern most entrance by the pond), and N-Annex. Cars should now be on higher ground within these lots or in Lot F (by Konover Campus Center). Vehicles should be returned to their assigned parking lots by 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 21.

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Exempt Staff Leave Report Deadlines

Posted 02/01/2019
Submitted by David Boot
Category: Campus Announcements

Exempt employees must use Leave Report to record the use of their Vacation and Personal time. They can start entering their Leave Time as soon as the 1st day of that pay period in which time is taken.

The employee has until 11:59am on last day of the following pay period to submit their leave time for approval, and then the Approver has 5 additional calendar days to approve the employee’s time by 11:59am.

We do recommend that the employee submit their time once the period has ended to make sure no changes are needed. Once a period of time has been approved, the leave balances will be updated and that period for the employee is locked.

Employee takes Vacation time on July 9
th, they can record that leave time when the pay period starts on July 1st and they have until 11:59am on July 31st to submit that time for approval. The Approver then has 5 additional calendar days from the employee’s deadline to approve the Leave Report, which would be 11:59am on August 5th.


Thank You,

The Payroll Department