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Ten HON Seniors to Present at 2019 NCUR Conference

Posted 02/05/2019
Submitted by Don Jones
Category: Campus Announcements, Student Announcements
2019 NCUR Seniors (not shown: Marissa J.)

2019 NCUR Seniors (not shown: Marissa J.)

For the sixth year in a row, a diverse group of senior honors students have applied to present at an honors conference. Organized by the Director of the Honors Program, Dr. Donald Jones, the following students applied and have been accepted to present at National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The conference will be held on April 11-13 at Kennesaw State University (near Atlanta, GA). As listed below, each student has been mentored by a dedicated advisor.


A&S Humanities:   

Marissa Jayawickcrema (Mod. Lang.) - Writing in the Language of the Other: A Study of Postcolonial Discourse in the Writings of Aimé Césaire (advisor Dr. Nicholas Ealy)

Social Sciences:                                    

Sherby Michel (POL) - Ideological Interpretations: The Social Semiotics of Critical Cinema  (advisor Dr. Stacy Maddern)

Nina Vazquez (SOC) - Primed to Hate: The Criminalization of Latinx Immigration (advisor Dr. Woody Doane)


Avery Buehler (Math) - Analysis of Neural Networks with Time Delays(advisorDr. Hwayeon Ryu)

Destynie Medeiros  (BIO) - Effects of Probiotics on Alzheimer’s disease Progression: Assessing Cognitive and Cellular Marker (advisor Dr. Paola Sacchetti)

Kyle Vaccaro (BIO)  Translational Research: An Application of the Central Dogma of Biology to the Genetic Causes of Osteoarthritis (advisor Dr. Yingcui Li)



Ethan Casavant - Additively Manufactured Reeds for Low Frequency Noise Mitigation (advisor Dr. Paul Slaboch)

Ethan Wagner - Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Siren Recognition (advisor Dr. Eoin King)



Thompson Akele - Improving Health Literacy (advisor Dr. Claudia Oakes)



Jessica Schreiner - Bb Bass Clarinet: Modern Day Instrument or Baroque Imposter - Performing Presentation  (advisors Dr. Karen Cook and Professor Emlyn Ngal)

2019 NCUR Seniors (not shown: Marissa J.)

2019 NCUR Seniors (not shown: Marissa J.)